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Browsers are your gateway to the internet. Internet Explorer, Firefox and now Google Chrome are part of a myriad of browsers used to connect you to the internet, letting you surf your favourite websites. Each browser is fully customizable and comes with its own set of tools to learn. One site may be compatible in a certain browser only, so it is best to have 2 or 3 browsers in case of incidents like these.

Email Software Downloads

Having that perfect email application is an integral part of any computer. Email was the first form of internet communication and has been refined to a point where it is difficult to truly have innovated Email anymore. To stay in touch with literally everyone, everywhere a smart email application such Outlook, Thunderbird or numerous others is needed and readily available from our Email download category.

File Sharing Software Downloads

File Sharing applications in this download category are a controversial subject matter for some. File sharing software such as Kazaa, BearShare and Napster present legal implication which have caused many issues regarding copyright. With a file sharing application, you share your hard drive with countless other individuals around the globe, all connected to your computer and vice versa. This allows you to browse their software and download whatever you require. As long as you own the movie, song or game it is legal, but if not, you will potentially incur the vicious wrath of the copyright lawyers.

Tools Software Downloads

Numerous tools which defy categorisation are present in this category. If you need to measure your broadband usage, you will find it here. If you are looking for a tool to boost the speed of your dial-up connection, it will be available for download in this section. Many of these tools for the internet are most useful for gathering statistical information of your web usage and present you the opportunity to learn why you waste so much broadband every month.

Download Managers Software Downloads

Many files on the internet are over a gig, thanks to the advances of internet speed and the introduction of cable internet. Without an effective download manager such as Getright, the files you download will not be able to resume at a later stage. These Download managers will break your download into smaller chunks, allowing for faster speeds and the ability to sometimes preview a download. No serious internet user can live without an internet download manager.

Communication Software Downloads

Voip, Messaging, and Video chat are just a few of the communication tools you can download from this category. One of the more popular tools to use is Skype, a free voice communication application which is both easy to use and free to make calls with! There is no limit to the type of communication you can make use of in this section. Many people make use of multiple communication tools so download a few and see which one suites your style best.

Online Privacy Software Downloads

Online Privacy is a must. With these internet tools, it is very simple to mask your online presence, keeping others in the dark when they try to identify your IP address or personal information. Most of the online privacy software in this category will do a fantastic job of hiding your email address, main IP address, personal website, deleting cookies, removing passwords and erasing your browser history. For the paranoid or just the careful user, Online Privacy applications are a must download.

Security Software Downloads

Many security applications are present for download in this category. Norton’s, F-secure, Nod32 and Windows Defender are a few of the excellent security tools readily available for download. A combination of Virus, Malware, Spyware and Phishing protection make up the security measures of most Internet security tools. We highly recommend downloading a powerful internet security tool as your computer is not safe without one. Remember to always update your application as security issues become more prevalent every day.

Webmaster Tools Software Downloads

To keep your URL up and running, various Webmaster tools are needed in order to maintain the status of your site. Tools such as link verification, FTP uploading tools, database scanners and more are readily available for download in this section. For maximum efficiency, download a suite of Webmaster tools to keep your online business running smoothly. So download our Webmaster tools for yourself or your coding team and keep things under control.

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