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Every PC needs and Anti-Virus tool. Viruses are more prevalent than ever and grow aggressively harder and more malicious every day. Thankfully, anti-virus tools such as Nortons and Nod32 are just as smart, and are able to scan every facet of your system in order to remove this evil threat. Make sure your anti-virus application has internet access, as without constant daily updates your system is at risk. Download one of our protection tools from this category now.

Encryption Software Downloads

When you encrypt a file, you convert the information into random characters so that only a password of your choosing can un-encrypt them. Encryption applications work with a 1024 bit encryption method these days as this has been shown to be impossible to break, even by the best of hackers. Encryption is simple to perform as well. Drop your file in the explorer-like interface and click start to begin. This is the method for most encryption software.

Firewall Software Downloads

Firewalls protect you from the outside attack of a Hacker, scammer or punk kid looking to insert funny messages into your email. Firewalls are the ultimate tool against such malicious attacks and work by blocking unknown executables and creating a list of potential dangers which you can approve to run on your system. Windows XP comes with a built in firewall tool, but it never hurts to be extra secure. Download the toughest tool you can find from our category and stop a personal attack on your system before it happens.

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