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Compression Software Downloads

Compression applications shrink multiple files into one smaller file or series of smaller files for backup purposes. Tools such as Winrar, Winzip and PKzip are a few popular software choices that users make when choosing to compress their files. The process is fairly simple as well. Once installed, right clicking on a file or series of files will open the context menu and the compression option will be displayed. Remember, certain files [such as MP3’s] are already compressed in nature and a compression tool will not be able to effect the file size.

CD Burning Software Downloads

CD burning software is a fantastic way to record your own music, backup files or create an executable CD of your own. CD burning has evolved from an hour long procedure to a five minute job. Popular tools include, Ashampoo and Nero. These applications differ in appearance but act in the same way: Open the explorer like interface and drag your files in for burning. Once that is complete, insert a blank CD in your drive and let the writing process begin.

System Tweaks Software Downloads

Most people can spend hours tweaking the settings on their system until the optimal performance is gained. TweakUI is a popular tool, yet there are countless more to download and experiment with. System Tweaks are applied directly to the registry and the tweak applications themselves are basically a shell for direct registry editing [which is very difficult and time consuming to correctly tweak]. Download our system tweaks to push the performance of your system one step at a time.

System Tools Software Downloads

System tools cover a wide variety of applications. Virus scanners, disk analysers, monitor tools, benchmarking software and more can all be found under the system tools category. There is an entire host of files included here which will enable your computer to run at optimum performance and possibly squeeze some more speed out of it. Without a reliable amount of tools to keep your system running smoothly, your pc will be less of a machine it can be.

Anti-Spyware Software Downloads

Anti-Spyware applications are a very necessary download. Spyware is the terrible evolution of the virus. They infect your system much the same way a common virus would have, through an executable or a random email. Once the spyware is activated though, information is secretly sent to an unknown source and your internet speed becomes much slower. Use our tools to gain control of an infected system and make a clean sweep of your spyware infection.

System Files Software Downloads

Many important system files relating to your operating system is contained in this category. Sometimes, system files are lost due to excessive rebooting or incorrect application installations. If this occurs, then loading these system files back into the correct directory will fix the file errors that your computer is most likely displaying. Make sure to read up exactly where these files must be placed, as if they are overwrite the incorrect file, you may do more harm than good.

Stats Software Downloads

Statistical Utilities are a great way of collecting reams of computer related information. Benchmarking tools are a common statistical application which is commonly used to record every last detailed account of your system. Statistics like these can be collated, archived for future use or compared with other systems. IT and Network professionals can make the best use out of these tools, and many are available for download in this category.

Text to Speech Software Downloads

Text to Speech lets you literally convert the words you write into an audio format to be listened to in an MP3 format. The quality of the speech conversion has increased substantially over the years. It has evolved from the voice of a computer to the gentle tones of a female AI bot. The Text to Speech application will run through all the recognisable words in your document and line by line, it will identify each word and convert it into an audio file from its database. The speed of this is determined by the amount of memory you possess. These are great tools for the sight-disabled.

OS Updates Software Downloads

Various Operating System updates are included for download in this category. Your computer is not running at maximum efficiency until you have successfully updated your OS with increased security, installed extra features and added new software. OS updates are vital to the performance of your computer and if you do not have a fast connection to the internet, they are ready for a download in this section and can be downloaded at your own pace.

Other Software Downloads

Miscellaneous / uncategorised system tools and utilities

Backup and Restore Software Downloads

Backup and Restore software