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Games » Arcade | 1 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 4.95MB | Created by Dataware

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For children, there is nothing more magical then the fantastic world of stickers. This is why it pays to download the Sticker Activity Pages, a cool new arcade game which is available to download. Each page on the Sticker Activity Pages is blank, with the stickers waiting to be placed. The Sticker Activity Pages has great graphics and a nifty soundtrack which equals hours of fun for any wide-eyed little tyke. Grab this cool game now and bring happiness to your child.

Sticker Activity Pages - Info

With the Sticker Activity Pages, kids find the correct sticker that matches the spot on the page that has the outline of the sticker. The scene on the page is complete after all the missing stickers are found and placed in the appropriate spaces. With dozens of pages and hundreds of missing stickers to find, kids will have hours of fun while improving their matching skills. Sticker categories include toys, kids, adults, vehicles, plants, animals, furniture, and fantasy characters. Published by Dataware.


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