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We all love our stats. Ram usage, network traffic, system and utility load, download speeds and more. Statbar will display all of these in one easy-to-view box out. The tiny window of Statbar can be viewed in a semi-transparent form as well, with all the details clearly available. Dock Statbar on to bottom of your taskbar and have a window that constantly displays your favoured statistics. The installation is basic and the setup takes under five seconds. So, to summarise, Statbar is a fantastic component which will display all of your favourite system information markers.

Statbar - Info

Statbar is a system statistics bar for your Windows desktop.

Statbar shows most of your system statistics and much more features. Some of Statbar's features display items/features are: Lock status (caps etc.), volume control, winamp controls, network traffic, dialup traffic and status, ram usage, system uptime, cpu usage, quicklaunch, email launcher, hard disk(s) space and more!

Other features in statbar is its ability to change theme (WinXP silver & blue etc.), transparency effect and option to dock it ontop of the taskbar at the top/bottom of your screen.

Very interesting little program. Worth the download.


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Operating System(s): 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT

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