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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

For the professionals' out there, the Apache Web Server application has kept their web sites hosted for many a year. I say professionals' because Apache Web Server is a tough one to get to grips with. The interface is DOS only, with the option of a Windows style UI but this is less preferred than typing it in manually. The Windows interface only serves to make things more cumbersome. Back to Apache Web Server. Once you finally have the hang of it, tasks like updating and restarting your server become a breeze thanks to its powerful architecture. There are better Web servers no doubt, but none are this useful [and free to boot].

Apache Web Server - Info

Host your own website from your computer at home using Apache Web Server for Windows.

Apache Web Server comes with a useful system tray status service which enables you to restart your web server quickly and easily.

Unfortunately Apache Web Server is not the easiest to understand but it does come with full documentation.


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