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ZoneAlarm Pro 4 is another version of the incredibly popular PC security program, and it isn’t difficult to see why it has enjoyed such tremendous success in the past. The entire application has a slick, professional feel to it and it offers exceptional performance to match its impressive design. ZoneAlarm Pro 4 essentially protects your PC from any number of online threats, from unwanted cookies and pop-ups to the more sinister viruses and Trojan horses. As one would expect, setup and operation is a straightforward affair and the program offers a great degree of customization, meaning each user will be able to find the right amount of protection for their personal needs. There are very few programs available that manage to offer the mix of performance and accessibility that has made ZoneAlarm Pro 4 an outstanding application, and will no doubt continue to ensure the franchises ongoing success.

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Hackers lurk everywhere on the Internet, waiting for an "in" into your personal and financial information.

Even legitimate Web sites have sophisticated methods of snooping, such as cookies that track your identity and browsing habits. You need nothing less than the industry's best protection¬óZoneAlarm Pro.

It offers you the award-winning firewall that Zone Labs is famous for. Plus, it stops annoying and potentially malicious cookies and pop-ups from invading your system.


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