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Diary Defender aims to be an electronic replacement for your paper journal or diary system, and in this regard it does a stellar job. While it may not win any awards for innovation, it does offer some nice features like password protection and spell checking and proves to be a more than adequate electronic diary. The interface is uncomplicated in design and the application features a great wizard that guides first time users through the intricacies of the utility step by step. Additionally, Diary Defender is a very small download and makes minimal demands on PC resources, which is always a plus. Overall, this is a solid personal journal application that offers a comfortable blend of simplicity and reliability making it a good choice for novice users especially.

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Diary Defender is the most able diary application around. It guides you painlessly through the process of writing and keeping your diary entries on your computer. The most exciting features would have to be password protection, multiple users, store images, search, printing, spell-checker and best of all, it's free!


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