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For those who don’t know, an ID3 tag is a Meta data file contained within an MP3 file which contains all the relevant file information, such as track name, artist, genre etc. ID3-TagIT is a small application for editing these tags, allowing you to change the song information of any MP3 file on your PC. The program is easy enough to use and even comes with the option of batch editing, which can help save time. Anyone with an extensive music collection will certainly be interested in this application, although most popular media players, like iTunes, come with this feature built-in. Still, as a standalone MP3 tag editor, you can’t go wrong with ID3-TagIT.

ID3-TagIT 3.1.0 - Info

ID3-TagIT will help you edit your mp3's ID3 tags a lot quicker.

You can edit one or all tags in one go. It will even scan your directory structure to help organise properly.


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