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Heybaby is your complete pregnancy tracking companion. Heybaby allows you to easily monitor your pregnancy
progress, helps you pick baby names, plus a host of other useful information and tools. Perfect for the soon to be
Mom and Dad.Heybaby includes the following exciting features:

* UPDATED Today view - Shows baby's current development progress and pregnancy status. Calculates Days till
due date, Current Trimester (In addition to dates for each trimester), Current day number, Current Week, etc.
* NEW Chinese Birthing Chart- - This fun new tool was added to allow you to determine if your baby is a boy or girl
using the popular Chinese birthing chart.
* NEW Glossary of Pregnancy terms - A comprehensive list of almost 100 terms and definitions complete
with partial word search capability.
* NEW Ovulation Calculator- This tool will allow you to more easily determine the ideal dates in which fertility is at
its peak. In addition, this feature will also estimate the due date should pregnancy occur on the ovulation date.
* Baby Name Ideas - A list of over 1,500+ Baby Name ideas to help you pick the right one for your Baby. Most all
names include Meanings, Ranking from 2001 Social Security Administration and Origin information.
* Baby Growth Chart - Shows the estimated Weight and Length of Baby (Units of measure for chart can display:
In./Lbs. or cm/grams).
* Day Calculator - Want to know how far along you will be on A certain date? This tool can tell you. No more
guessing! Favorite Names List -Create your own personal list of Favorite baby names! Add favorite names from the
built-in list or Add your own.
* Wives Tales - An integrated book of about 40 Wives Tales that is sure to make your Mother-in-Law droole!


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