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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

Kazaa has enjoyed tremendous success of late, and it only takes a few minutes with the application to see exactly why this is. Everything, from the colourful, easy to use interface, built-in web browser and media player to the fast, efficient download speeds and advanced file sharing functionality, simply oozes quality and professionalism. The wide support for Kazaa means that virtually any file can be found within minutes, and often with enough sources to ensure a speedy download. If one were to complain, then Kazaa features an unacceptable amount of advertising and adware that comes included in the download and can make things incredibly frustrating at times. If you are able to forgive this small blemish, however, then you will surely agree that Kazaa is undoubtedly the best file sharing tool available at present.

Kazaa 3.0 - Info

Kazaa 3.0 is one of the worlds most well known peer 2 peer file sharing applications.

This is a free version an contains ads.


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