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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Music Label 2004 does the very basic, yet rather necessary task of locating entire track listings and album cover art from the internet for your CDs. While the utility performs as it’s supposed to, one can’t help but feel shortchanged here, as there are no other music playing or organizing functions to speak of. Essentially, Music Label 2004 performs a task which many of the top media players come bundled with already, so there is no real point in paying the full purchase price for this one. It does come with a free trial period, but even that isn’t enough to warrant the download. Rather give this one a miss and go for a media player with some more meat instead.

Music Label 2004 - Info

Label 2004 helps you organize your music collection.

The track info on your CDs is indexed automatically, using the online Gracenote CDDB2 music database.

Images of your CD covers are retrieved from Features unlimited 14 day trial.


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