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The Codecs allows users to gain access to all of the popular multimedia codecs currently available, thereby saving significant amounts of time and effort. The downside of this is twofold however. Firstly, very few users require such a vast array of codecs, with most people generally only sticking to one or two at most. Secondly, these utilities are constantly being improved upon and updated, so it wonÂ’t be long until all the software acquired by downloading The Codecs is outdated and obsolete. So, while the application appears useful and offers some value, it is recommended that users download individual codecs as they require them instead, rather than get the whole lot in one package.

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The Codecs is the most completed, powerful and reliable compilation package of various audio and video codecs.

It contains the best and newest codecs that are needed for playing most movies (Divx, VCD, SVCD etc.).

Codecs and filters are included in The Codecs:

Divx (5) Pro:
DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video (Fast&Low):
XviD Koepi's build: 26/12/2003
3ivx DirectShow Audio/Video Decoder:
ffdshow filter: 23/05/2003
Intel I.263 Video Driver:
Huffyuv lossless video codec:
AC3Filter (Audio):
MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec:
InterVideo Audio Decoder:
Moonlight Odio Dekoda:
Ogg Vorbis Filter:
MM Stream Switcher:


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