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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Invaders is pretty awful. The author boasts that it was created in only 3 days, and it shows. The sound effects are akin to your ears being grated with a cheese knife and the graphics have been crudely drawn by a toddler. The control feels soupy, as if you are steering the screen and not your ship. The animation for the invaders follows suite, as they merely fall down the screen as if being pulled around by a piece of string. It is safe to say that I hate Invaders. Do not download it.

Invaders - Info

This Space Invaders version is a good remake of one of the most played games in the world!

It has some nice sound effects and the graphics are decent. Your mission is to stop the never-ending mirage of aliens from taking over the planet. You are armed with a shuttle that houses unlimited bullets at your exposure. Defeat the aliens before they take control of Earth.

Watch out for there steady onslaught of chopping teeth and shoot and destroy the aliens before they make there complete invasion!

Many never before seen features and completely redesigned graphics. Also includes Internet High Scores Tables.


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