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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

There is no shortage of word processing applications available so any program trying to enter the market would need to offer something different and interesting to have a chance of being successful. Unfortunately, AbiWord doesnÂ’t manage to pull this off, and remains a rather mediocre program all-round. Initial impressions of AbiWord are good, with the colourful interface and interesting design, but it is in the functionality department where the flaws become glaringly obvious. Options for file support, exporting and plug-ins are severely limited and the application tends to run very slowly, even on high-end machines. Users are strongly advised to wait until an update is released or to consider one of the many alternatives available, as AbiWord is bound to disappoint.

AbiWord - Info

AbiWord is a word processing application very similar to Microsoft word, except it is freeware.

It will run on all versions of Windows as well as most versions of Linux and has many of the features as Microsoft Word.


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