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Games » Adventure | 1 2 3 | 26 Feb 2010 | freeware | 3.786 MB | Created by Unknown Creator

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Most gamers will be well aware of the success that the Zelda games have enjoyed on the Nintendo consoles, but very few will have actually played the original which came out way back in 1986. Zelda Classic is an identical replica of the original, and even today, some 22 years after its release, does it still offer some entertainment. Unfortunately, the gameplay and graphics don’t stand up too well in comparison with some of the more advanced freeware games available, so the value of Zelda Classic is somewhat diluted. In the end it would seem that this game is aimed more at nostalgia junkies or gamers looking to complete their Zelda collection than the mainstream market, but it is still a solid adventure experience none the less.

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Zelda Classic is an excellent remake of the original Zelda made back in 1986.

Zelda Classic is identicle in every way. If you are a Zelda fan, which many people are, then this is definitely for you.


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