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HTML Pad is a very solid HTML editing application, and one that is bound to come in handy for many web developers. Whereas some HTML applications have a very narrow appeal and limited functionality, HTML Pad manages to do just the opposite, offering a wealth of options sure to delight anyone looking for a decent HTML utility. If one was to complain, it would most likely be with regards to the fairly intricate layout, and beginners may need some time to feel their way around and get comfortable. This said, HTML Pad comes with some very useful options, of which a powerful inserting feature, file merger and built in web browser are my personal favorites. Anything you could possibly want, or need, is present here, making HTML Pad a top class application and essential addition to any web designer’s software collection.

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Html Text Pad, Features include : Set as Default Html Editor, blank line stripper (will make load time faster), LOTS of inserts such as writing all the Flash,Movies,Audio code for you also html color picker, forms,links, tables, tags , file merge, save selection and more. Right clicking will give you a 'wrap' feature :select a word then click a tag to wrap the tags around the selection. HtmlPad has its own Internet Browser built in for fast previews.
Now features 'plugins' (see Handy Web Things below)
New For Version : Button Builder, build advanced buttons with effects, save + load presets.


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