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Norton Antivirus is a trusted anti-virus tool which has, for many years now, kept your system and utilities safe from harm. Norton Antivirus is a reliable and system hungry anti-spyware, virus, adware and Trojan machine. Norton Antivirus will literally install a shield around your system, ensuring that nothing and no one can get through. The only issue is that it is incredibly memory hungry and may bring even the mightiest computers down to a slow crawl. Use Norton Antivirus if you have the hardware for it, otherwise, stick with a lighter application.

Norton Antivirus - Info

Norton is one of the most well known and best performing antivirus software packages in the world.

Norton Antivirus has been around for years and has proven to be a reliable piece of software to keep your computer safe from viruses and trojans.

With features such as a realtime system shield (auto protect), file quarantining and LiveUpdate to keep your definitions up to date on a daily basis Norton Antivirus is a great choice of download.


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