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Free Budweiser Frogs Screensaver Download


The Budweiser Frogs Screensaver really cracks me up. This desktop screensaver will popup over your wallpaper once the screensaver times out that is. The Budweiser Frogs Screensaver is based on the popular advert from the 90’s which had animated frogs croaking out the Budweiser theme song. Once you have downloaded the Budweiser Frogs Screensaver, you will hear the frogs making their signature noise and crickets chirping in the light, summer rain. The frogs will also catch flies every now and then. This is a funny screensaver and is worth the download.

Budweiser Frogs Screensaver - Info

This saver features Budweiser frogs sitting on their lily pads. You can hear crickets chirping in the background and watch frogs catch flies.


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