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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Skype is the number one Voip application available for your download. Simple to use, easy on the eye's and growing more powerful everyday; this is Skype. Simply put, Skype allows you to make free pc to pc calls [and normal ones but that will cost you] chat and video conference. The call quality is better then standard phone lines and because of the popularity of broadband internet, Skype is a great alternative to a normal land line. Make a point of downloading Skype right now as it will open your eyes to a different way of communication.

Skype - Info

With Skype you can make free phone calls to all of your friends over the internet.

Using your microphone and speakers on your computer you can speak to your friends using Skype at better-than-telephone quality sound.

Skype works with just about any internet set up, firewalls, NAT etc. without any extra configuration!

Very useful program, even has a telephone style ring when someone is "calling" you.

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