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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Don't start a review with "Yuk". Well, thats what my editor always told me. But "Yuk" is the
perfect way to describe Speedway. This is a racing title of the very lowest pedigree. The 3D graphics are horrendous, the sound is but random notes played on a synthesizer and the control is all over the show. Just getting your car from A to B will prove a nightmare as you slide around. Speedway was clearly made for the masochist in mind. What else can I say but Yuk.

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Choose among 3 differnet cars, then burn up the track in time trials or go head to head against a ruthless AI. Features smooth 3D graphics, high quality sound, and heart pumping game play.

Requires Pentium 233, 32MB RAM, 3D Accelerator Card, MS-Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, DirectX

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