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For simple, straight-forward font creation, there are few utilities available to rival Font Creator Program. One of the most remarkable aspects of this tool is the fact that it manages to appeal to users from across the spectrum, from beginners right through to experienced graphic designers, there’s something here for everyone. Font Creator Program allows you to create, edit and save TrueType and OpenType fonts without any difficulty thanks to the excellent user interface and step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process. Some of the extra features on offer include the option of creating fonts from your own hand-writing or any other scanned images as well as a very useful exporting function for making your fonts available in other programs, such as MS Word. All round, Font Creator Program is a thoroughly impressive application and the ideal tool for fast, efficient font creation.

Font Creator Program - Info

The Font Creator Program puts font creation within the grasp of the average PC user, would-be typographers and graphic designers. With this font editor you can create and edit TrueType fonts. You can use the modified fonts in Windows 3.11 and higher.

Features include the ability to convert (scanned) bitmaps (.bmp files) to TrueType outlines, thus enabling you to create your own signature, logo and handwriting. The modified fonts can be saved and then used in popular word processing and illustration programs.

The editor lets you easily select any installed font, displaying the entire character set complete with descriptions of every letter, number, and special character.
Once you've perfected your work of art, a click on the program's toolbar will install your font.


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