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Free Maxthon (MYIE2) Download


Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Here is Maxthon. It borrows the strongest elements from all the web browsers available and amalgamates them into the web browser you see before you. There are some brilliant features such as the Ad Block and tabbed browsing functions, but these are all things we have seen before and implemented much better in say Firefox. Maxthon is free but that is no reason to download it. I would recommend testing Maxthon before making it your permanent browser replacement.

Maxthon (MYIE2) - Info

Maxthon (MYIE2) is a freeware browser with all the features you would ever need a browser to have.

The Maxthon (MYIE2) features list contains: Tabbed browsing, mouse functions, drag and drop functions, privacy protection, AD hunter, Google bar support, external utility bar and skinning support and much more.

With all the awards its won Maxthon (MYIE2) speaks for itself as a great download.

Currently Maxthon is still in beta release (v1.0.0178), you can download the latest stable MyIE2 from the creators site.


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