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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Released over 30 years ago, Kaboom! Tasks you as a bomb-catcher, grabbing explosives and defusing them in a matter of seconds. Kaboom! 2004 is pure arcade nonsense: A ludicrous amount of action on screen with very little input required to be successful in the game. Press left, Catch a bomb. Press right, Catch a bomb. Repeat.
The graphics are, of course updated from 3 decades ago. But after 5-10 minutes of game play, graphics no longer play a crucial part in your enjoyment. One bomb looks like another and your onscreen persona is but a blur of speed. Addictive game though.

Kaboom! 2004 - Info

You must protect yourself from the bombs being thrown down on you. You have three protective shields, one sheild will be destroyed everytime you catch a falling skull.

There are 20 levels to survive, with the bombs going faster and faster on each.


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