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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

Taking screenshots can be fun and it’s sometimes even essential but it’s not always easy, or possible for that matter. That has all been changed by ClipBrab XP 1.6, a very simple application that allows you to take a screenshot at any time with considerable ease. Simplicity is certainly the main focus here and screenshots can be captured and stored with a few basic keystrokes. ClipBrab XP 1.6 comes with a few additional features like a slideshow function and thumbnail creator, which might not be revolutionary in themselves but do go a long way towards improving the appeal of the application. At the end of the day it’s the simple, no-nonsense approach that makes ClipGrab XP 1.6 worth the download.

ClipGrab XP 1.6 - Info

If you find yourself needing to take screenshots from games that dont seem to let you, ClipGrab is for you.

You are also able to run slideshows from screenshots, make thumbnail webpages, movies, save presets configurations for different games or programs then Launch them with ClipGrab.


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