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This is certainly an off utility. Binary Clock is a miscellaneous application in every sense of the word. Can you read binary? Binary is the language of the computer, the most basic form of code and the way CPUs communicate to one another. If you have the know-how though, you are able to read binary as if it were real letters and numbers. ‘1011’ is 3 and ‘1111’ is 4 and so on. Binary Clock displays the time as such. Use Binary Clock if you have a keen interest in this crazy language.

Binary Clock - Info

A Skinable binary clock for the PSP.

A simple skinable Binary Clock. 5 Skins included in the package, and a buggy Windows Version.

This software uses Micro Game Engine aka MGE by NewOld MGE it's cross platform PSP / Windows (DirectX) Game Engine.


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Operating System(s): PSP and Windows

Size: 1.36 MB

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