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Searching for a utility to read the miscellaneous ebook files on your PSP? Then download CNReader and experience a whole new world of literary entertainment. CNReader is a verbatim ebook reader and supports many text formats, Unicode, GBK and other popular ebook formats. I have numerous ebooks in my collection and I tested them all with CNReader. I had to download an update for my PSP for the application to work correctly though; otherwise it would constantly crash on me. Copy your books to the PSP/GAME folder and begin reading on the go.

CNReader - Info

CNReader is a ebook reading application for the PSP. The application has been evolving during the last few months, and has finally achieved a whole new release!

- Copy the folders to PSP/GAME in the memory stick.
- Get a copy of "simsun.ttc" font, and copy it to the "font" folder of the installation folder. You can use other fonts for reading later, Folder definition.

Fonts: font/
Skins: skin/

Update Description:
- Access level: FAL-0 (No access to the firmware).
- Tested model: PSP with firmware v1.50.

Basic functions:
- TXT file reading (If you are interested in adding supports for other formats, do it!)
- Supports Unicode, GBK, BIG5, Shift-JIS.
- Horizonal/Vertical mode for your convenience.
- Change background color/wallpaper.
- True Type font support (Please don’t use fonts which is large than 12MB, otherwise you might suffer a significant slow down).
- Change font, font size and font color.
- MP3 playback and play list support.
- Buttons can re-configurated.
- Bookmark and bookmark preview function.
- Easy jump-to function.
- An easter egg


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Operating System(s): PSP

Size: 2.68 MB

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