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Create your own media for your PSP, such as funky backgrounds with Crazypaint. This nifty paint application uses the analogue stick to control the virtual cursor to great effect. Colours are picked with the LT and RT and many different options can be configured to ensure an optimum painting experience. Crazypaint is not amazing, but it does the job it sets itself out to do, such as being the first PSP paint application. Download Crazypaint and test out your creative mettle on your own handheld wonder machine.

Crazypaint - Info

Crazypaint is a program which allows you to make some crazy painted pictures on your PSP.

The first color box in the upper left corner is the current draw color, while the second color box is the colr you are over (use L and R triggers to capture/store to current color.) Also included in this version is an mp3 player which will play a random mp3 located in your /PSP/MUSIC folder.

- Cross: Pencil tool(hold).
- Square: start line or circle.
- Triangle: finish circle (try holding its cool).
- Circle: finsh line (try holding its cool).
- Left trigger, Right trigger, up, down, left, right, on dpad: change color RGB (try holding when drawing its cool dont hold corresponding though not cool ex (LT, RT) (L,R) (U,D)).
- Analog: move (non-existant) mouse/(x,y) possition.
- Select: change current color to background color (default is black).
- Start: clear background current color and set background color to current color.
- LTrigger+RTrigger: capture current color second color box in upper left.

Update Description:
Bugs with mp3 player:
- Dont have anything in your music folder other than mp3s it will try to load it and will freeze...all music must be in music folders not in subfolders in music.


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