Lua Player (Firmware 1.5) Free Download & Review

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Free Lua Player (Firmware 1.5) Download


Make your own games and applications with this cool programming utility. Download the Lua Player for your PSP and begin to create cool games, just like the professionals! There are countless tutorials and walkthroughs available on the internet which can teach you about how to correctly use Lua Player. The scripting interface is a breeze to use, but make sure that you type it up on your PC first before uploading to the Lua Player, just to save yourself the headache of navigating the PSP’s cumbersome text input.

Lua Player (Firmware 1.5) - Info

Lua Player is a lua script player for the Sony PSP. What this means, is that making your own games for PSP just got that much easier.

If you're a regular, non-programming PSP user, take a look at all the games and software available from the galleries.


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