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I have been searching for a miscellaneous alarm utility for some time now and I have finally found it with Alarm for the PSP. This tiny code can be downloaded and then added into any homebrew application of your own. I had an easy time incorporating the code of Alarm into my homebrew. You can even use Alarm as a standard wake-up and go application, by using your own custom MP3’s to get you started in the morning. Download alarm today and start your day off right!

Alarm - Info

PSP Alarm v0.5, written in Lua. This program allows a user to turn their PSP into an alarm clock and make it countdown the desired time until the alarm goes off. Here is a description from the author of this program: “

– Dpad: Move Cursor
– Analog: Move Cursor
– Start: Start Alarm
– X: Stop Alarm
– Home: Quit
O: Reset Alarm

How to Use
Uset the cursor to edit the alarm settings to your desired time. Set the hours, minutes, and seconds.

Once you have your time set, press Start to Start the alarm.

v0.5 Includes
Standard Alarm Clock System
Custom Alarm

Using Custom Alarm Sound
Simply put your .wav into the sounds folder, and name it alarm1.wav

Future Verions Will Include
More Custom Alarms
Stop Watch Feature
Graphical Layout
Anything Else I See Fit


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