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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

AccessDUMP is an excellent little utility that will be of interest to database managers and administrators. The application allows users to convert MS Access databases into SQL files to be used with the ever popular MYSQL. The user interface is very well designed and lends itself perfectly to fluent, streamlined use. There isn’t really very much to fault AccessDUMP on. Easy to use with excellent, solid performance and stability, this tool really is a great way to work with Access Databases in MYSQL and is well worth the download.

AccessDUMP - Info

AccessDUMP is a brilliant piece of software that converts MS Access databases and tables into MySQL supported SQL files (*.sql).

Easy to use GUI allows you to open the database file which then displays the tables and number of rows etc. From here on all you do is convert and AccessDUMP creates the SQL file.

Tried and tested it works perfectly, very useful.

Unfortunately AccessDUMP has stopped it's freeware download and converted it into an Online conversion tool that allows up to 2MB Microsoft Access SQL files (*.mdb) and it only converts a maximum of 5 records.

Not nearly as useful as their previous version, but it still does a bit of the job. They have the option to purchase the full version for around $10.


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