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Global-IM Client is a perfect communication tool for the modern office. It saves time on the back and forth of emailing and keeps all staff members up to date. But Global-IM Client takes this a step further and allows the company to run its own public chat room for direct marketing and efficient global communication. The entire look and feel of the chat room can be controlled and altered to correctly reflect the companies own personal image. Focused tools like these are the key to effective business in the area of web 2.0. Download Global-IM Client today and start taking your company into the future.

Global-IM Client - Info

Global IM is a turn-key community-building solution that enables companies to efficiently deploy public instant messaging and peer-to-peer networks, and most importantly, monetize them. It is powered by highly stable deployment-tested Sonork technology.

The comprehensive platform offers a highly customizable user interface, advanced administration tools and includes all of the standard features present in other popular public network services.

-Unique interoperable service, not available from established providers

-Integrate content throughout the application to extend your interaction with consumers beyond your website

-Create chat forums and build community around your marketing goals

-Control the look and feel of the application to coincide with your brand image

-Sponsor contests, polls, interactive focus groups, sampling and generate revenue with your established user database

-Deliver advertisements, offers and Broadcast Messages based on the interests, habits and profile of each user

-Turn-key integration with existing systems, enables rapid cost-effective deployment

Global IM is easy to deploy and operate. It includes a wide variety of monetization tools that generate immediate ROI, while expanding the effectiveness of web initiatives by channeling all content and service through a single vehicle that has proven to be an ‘always on’ application.

Naturally, all users must first register then be logged in to access the service. This allows a high degree of targeting for the delivery of content, advertisements and commerce offerings.


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