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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

With updated graphics and superb sound, Asteroids 2004 is a worthy successor to the arcade game of yesteryear. Nothing much has changed. Avoid the asteroids and aim for the high score. Nothing needs to change. Asteroids 2004 is about skill. Asteroids 2004 is about being the best, back when that meant something (video game wise).

There is a bucket load of skill and patience that is needed to be the champion at Asteroids 2004. Persevere and you may be the best!

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Asteroids 2004

Publishers Review

We all remember the phenomenon of Asteroids over 25 years ago that
revolutionized arcade games back then. This newly revamped version
with tons of extras is just what your looking for. Stop the Asteroids from
pounding into the Earth and destroying mankind. You have 3 ships to
annihilate all that space debris with the ability to get more free life.
Watch out for enemies also that you will encounter in your journey.
Also includes Internet High Score Tables.


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