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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Most browsers these days employ the same tricks to keep ahead of the game. Opera is no different. With pop-up blocking and direct HTML editing included in the standard package, Opera doesn't push any boundaries, but it makes opening the doors a bit easier. One of the more useful functions that Opera employs is mouse gesturing, so to scroll down a page you would just move the mouse quickly down. Useful. A clean interface and a small install keeps Opera lean and allows it to run on most computers. Another bonus is Opera is compatible on every OS ever created as yet.

Opera - Info

Technically this is shareware but the only difference between the full version is added support and no ad banner on the browser itself.

Winner of the "Best browser of 2004" Opera has come a long way and is truely a great browser. Also a must for web developers to test out their work for cross browser compatibility.

Some of Opera 5.71's Features are:
- Pop-up blocker
- Opera Mail with SPAM killer
- IRC-compatible chat
- Newsreader
- RSS newsfeeds
- Integrated Google search
- Small-Screen Rendering (SSR)


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