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Most of today’s programming applications are complex and difficult for beginners and amateur programmers to fully grasp. This makes DrJava a breath of fresh air, as it is a useful, robust Java editor aimed at the less experienced end of the market. That’s not to say that DrJava is light on features or functionality, on the contrary; experienced users will appreciate the depth on offer, but the simple, well designed interface makes the application accessible to a whole range of users who may have been intimidated by software designing utilities in the past. It is important to note that DrJava is an open source application, and while there have been some reported bugs and compatibility issues, the tool is a work in progress, constantly being improved upon, so such complaints shouldn’t serve as major deterrents. Essentially, DrJava is a fully functional Java application, enhanced by an excellent design, and aimed squarely, but not exclusively, at the less experienced end of the programmer spectrum.

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DrJava is a lightweight development environment for writing Java programs. It is designed primarily for students, providing an intuitive interface and the ability to interactively evaluate Java code. It also includes powerful features for more advanced users. DrJava is available for free under the DrJava Open Source License, and it is under active development by the JavaPLT group at Rice University.


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