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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Notepad 2 can be viewed as the big brother of the standard Windows text editor, and comes equipped with a wide variety of extra features. Installation is a breeze, and since the interface is almost identical to Windows Notepad, even the most casual of users will be able to get stuck in right away. Some of the more useful features include the ability to apply syntax schemes, streamlined text line control and advanced find and replace functionality. Notepad 2 is certainly impressive, but it tends to get stuck halfway between being a fully functional, feature rich source code editor and a standard text managing application. Serious developers will probably want something that packs a little more punch, but for the less demanding, Notepad 2 is more than adequate.

Notepad2 - Info

The orgininal windows notepad is extremely useful and quick. Notepad2 has all these features and more.

Some Features
-Notepad2 source code now released under the GNU GPL
-"Read Only" option handles file attributes
- Enhanced find and replace dialogs with new options
- Optionally auto close HTML/XML tags (Ctrl+Shift+H)
- Improved tabify/untabify selection functions
- New hotkey to select XML scheme (Shift+F11)


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