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Recipe Manager is an excellent, innovative application that allows you to organize and store all of your recipes is one, easy-to-access database. You can also use the application to make an in-depth nutritional analysis of each recipe, making this the perfect tool for anyone concerned about their general health and wellbeing. While Recipe Manager does boast a comprehensive database of nutrient values, it is not without some omissions, and it can be very frustrating when the ingredient you want to analyze isn’t supported. Having said this, all of the main macro and micro nutrient values are present, meaning that you should seldom encounter such problems. Despite its limitations, Recipe Manager is an excellent, unique tool for managing your recipe collection and will be of particular interest to health fanatics.

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A free and easy-to-use Recipe Database Management System to assist you in organizing your recipes and help you in analysing the nutritional values of your meals. It contains large database of ingredients and their nutrient values (over 100 nutrient, micronutrient, mineral and vitamin).

This Software is ideal for any person concern about their health or involve in Fitness, diet and Nutrition.


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