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Learning to type quickly is a definite advantage in our modern world of technology and computers, but it is not an easy skill to learn or teach. KP Tying Tutor helps to overcome this by offering excellent, in-depth typing tutorials aimed at users from any background. These tutorials can be fully customized to suit any individual or group needs, making this not only a good application for those learning to type but also an excellent teaching aid. Tutorials are feature step-by-step instructions, making them incredibly user friendly and the application supports QWERTY and DVORAK keyboards. Overall, KP Typing Tutor is the perfect tool for perfecting the art of fast, efficient typing.

KP Typing Tutor - Info

KP Typing Tutor fully supports Qwerty keyboards and Dvorak keyboards with well designed courses. The whole design of the tutor is to encourage you to learn to type as soon as possible. The layouts and the courses are customizable for people of different backgrounds.

KP Typing Tutor Net Edition is a handy application for multi-user environments like schools, campus, language centers, labs, and companies which need centralized user managements and course managements. Free companion tools are available for you as a teacher to customize the tutor in order to meet your students' needs.


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