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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Scorched 3D is the update to Scorched Earth, the classic DOS game that basically started two player gaming. Heavy on the strategy, Scorched 3D gives you a tank and a dream: destroy your opponent. You have a myriad of weaponry at your disposal, some cover a larger area of damage and others are concentrated death. There are plenty of tools of death to discover.
Scorched 3D even has an online option (I did not find any other opponents to play against sadly) to test your mettle against the world. There is plenty of fun to be had with Scorched 3D.

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Scorched 3D is a great remake of the classic DOS game Scorched Earth.

With impressive 3D graphics you are set in an Island arena with two tanks and it is your task to destroy your enemies.

Scorched 3D can be played as a strategy game too. At the end of each game, if you win, you get money, and with that money you can buy more weapons.

Scorched 3D comes with LAN and Internet multiplayer support enabling you to play with up to twenty four other players!

Great game, and its free! No catches!


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Operating System(s): 98/ME/2000/XP

Size: 20 MB

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