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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Like Shoutcast and Skype Chat, Roger Wilco Client lets you scan for voice networks to participate in. Roger Wilco Client uses a very simple interface that allows you to scan for chat rooms and it works very well indeed. The older version of Roger Wilco Client was very awkward to use and required dos commands to get it started. Make sure you have a decent headset because the sound quality was not so great when I tested it. Besides that possible issue, I found Roger Wilco Client great fun to use.

Roger Wilco Client - Info

Roger Wilco Mark v1.4.1.6 is compatible with Mark I, Mark Ia and Mark Ic and adds the following new features!

Integrated Channel Browser

You no longer need rely on swapping IP addresses by ICQ or e-mail! We've added a built-in channel browser that displays a list of ALL channels currently running. (Of course, you can hide your channel from the public list if you'd like!)


You'll never have to search for the latest version again! We'll prompt you to upgrade and give you a list of servers you can download from.

New Base Station tab

This release features a new Base Station tab, that allows you to launch a dedicated Roger Wilco Base Station. Previously, the Base Station was only available as a separate download and launched via clumsy DOS command line parameters. Yuck!


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