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Free Roger Wilco Server (Base Station) Download


Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Roger Wilco Server and the Roger Wilco client go hand in hand to ensure that you can both broadcast your own voice chat server or participate in one. Roger Wilco Server uses a dos based interface, so I recommend you read the attached help file thoroughly before diving in. but once all is setup, the voice communication and administration was pretty flawless. I was given plenty of control over my network and I could even restrict my user's bandwidth usage at will. If you have downloaded Roger Wilco client then Roger Wilco Server is of course a must.

Roger Wilco Server (Base Station) - Info

Base Station offers a static IP address that can host a channel for others to join when they come online. Base Stations can be set up on computers even if they have no sound hardware.

Version 0.30 automatically reports to the GameSpy Master server and will appear within the list of servers in the Roger Wilco client.


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