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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

PacMonster is Pacman, just uglier. The graphics are a plague on the eyes. PacMonster does not even have animation for pacman as he moves along the maze! His mouth just stays open all the time! This is pure lazy game design right here. Why even create such a blight if you are not going to include the most rudimentary of animations? Devoid of sound as well, PacMonster should be played only in the event of an emergency.

PacMonster - Info

PacMonster is a good remake of the legendary PacMan game, with features such as an internet high scores board it proves to be as fun and competative as it was back in its originals day.

Jazmine Productions Review

Everybody remembers PacMan from the early days that so many of us played over and over again.

This awesome remake with unrivaled graphics, sound and gameplay will keep you up for hours. Extremely addictive and very challenging.

This time around you control a monster instead of a PacMan character. Eat your way through all the dots and defeat the ghosts.


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