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Smugglers 4 is in no way the very best strategy (or war) game on the internet. Download Smugglers 4 if you are looking for a simple trading game with loads of fighting built into it. Smugglers 4 looks very basic, but contains loads of variables that will keep any RTS fan pleased. You trade, you build, you upgrade to a newer ship, you conquer star systems and so on. The game play is very open-ended, and there is not much of a plot to speak of. Grab this cool title right now and see if you can conquer the galaxy.

Smugglers 4 - Info

Smugglers 4 is a turn-based science-fiction space-trading game. You have the option to be a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter, a ruthless pirate, or a multitude of the many professions that the game has to offer. Through trading, fulfilling missions, or pirating, you earn the money and skills necessary to buy new ships and upgrade your equipment. Additionally, you'll have to manage a crew, board & plunder enemy ships, and even conquer star systems.

The game offers an open-ended gameplay where the opportunities are virtually limitless, and your actions will ultimately have an impact on the galactic scale.


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Operating System(s): WinXP, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate

Size: 28.53MB

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