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Synergy emulates the dual screen format of a standard dual monitor support hardware card, but over the network. Using the built in tools and utilities Synergy comes with, one PC is the server and the other the host. Use the built in tool to assign one mouse and keyboard to utilise your server pc and then simply select a host pc to begin the dual screen emulation. Synergy is a neat little tool, with only a bit of lag I noticed. Yet it still correctly shares one mouse and keyboard between two systems.

Synergy - Info

Synergy is an excelent open source application released under the GNU Public License that lets you share your mouse and keyboard between 2 or more computers over the network.

Once you have setup one pc as the server, you asign each side of the monitor to a specific computer. eg. Left side of the screen controls the computer to the left of you. Then all you do is move the mouse to the left and out of the screen and it will appear on the next screen.

Synergy also allows you to copy and paste text between pc's as well as synchronizing screensavers.

Synergy works on Windows as well as Linux.


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