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In this game you are an inventor who tries to please people’s needs by making inventions, buying invention parts in the market, and making sure you are not making people hate eachother.

There are a certain amount of persons in each level. Each person has different needs and different levels of happynes, your objective in this game is to make each person happyness reach maximun by giving them good inventions that pleases their needs. Each invention piece matches a person need, so you make people happy by building invention with the pieces that match the majority of the needs of the people.

When you build an invention, each person gains happyness points and becomes happier, and the face of the person will change becoming a little bit happier.

But beware what you build, because each person has envy towards certain people, and when a person feels envy towards one another then there is a penalty in happyness points, and the envious person will become happy and show anger through his or her face. This is where diplomacy and thoughtfull thinking should be apllied because you must reach a balance between who to make happy first by having in mind who envies who.

As you advance in the game you will gain different kinds of points, inventor points wich show how much of a good inventor are you, merchant points wich show how much money did you make in the invention parts market, diplomat points wich show how much you where able to maintain the happyness of the people. You will also be able to earn cups and advance in categories.


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Operating System(s): WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Wind

Size: 17.81MB

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