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EvilLyrics is a great resource for music fans, especially those interested in accessing the lyrics to their favorite songs. The application is very small and easy to use, and comes with support for most popular media players, including Windows Media Player and iTunes. All you have to do is open EvilLyrics while a song is playing and the application displays the lyrics, itÂ’s as simple as that. The program uses online databases, meaning that an internet connection is required, and lyrics are located for almost any song within seconds. While EvilLyrics is comprehensive, it was unable to display lyrics to some songs on occasion, and the program tends to crash from time to time. While these shortcomings are frustrating, EvilLyrics is still a great tool for accessing the words to your music collection and should not be overlooked.

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EvilLyrics searches most of the lyrics databases on the internet and displays the lyrics to the song playing on Winamp, Windows Media Player 9, iTunes, Real Player, Foobar2000, QCD Player and Sonique.

It will also store the lyrics on your pc and it has a karaoke function.


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