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SPAM Shredder is a unique security device in that it attempts to intercept spam emails from the mail server before they are downloaded to your inbox. While this is a valiant attempt to solve the problem, it is somewhat lacking in the performance department, with a few spam emails bypassing its defenses on a regular basis. While this isn’t a huge issue, it does detract from the overall appeal of the application, and despite the user friendly interface and setup procedure, one can’t help but feel a little let down by this otherwise useful program. SPAM Shredder is unfortunately not one of the top spam filtering tools around, and for the most part users will be better off sticking to the default filtering feature included in most email applications. With plenty of potential, perhaps this will become a contender for top spot in the genre in time, but for the moment it falls well short of the mark.

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SPAM Shredder is a spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox. SPAM Shredder ensures the efficient and easy control under incoming emails, thus helping to save your time and money! Applying the SPAM Shredder allows to determine up to 99.9% of spam emails. SPAM Shredder is a powerful and comfortable email client with effective spam filtering and good privacy and security protection.


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