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DC++, unlike torrents or file sharing applications, allows users to download and share files online using the Direct Connect Protocol, vastly improving data exchange speeds. The program itself is designed for simple, streamlined use and even inexperienced users will be up and running in no time. DC++ does comes with a few extra features in terms of monitoring and restricting downloads, but unfortunately lacks a fully functional media player, which is rather disappointing. Where DC++ falls short in additional functionality, it makes up for with impressive performance, offering fast, efficient downloads at all times. While not amazing, DC++ is still a good direct connect protocol application, and users seeking such a tool need look no further.

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DC++ is an open source client for the Direct Connect protocol. Direct Connect allows you to share files over the internet without restrictions or limits.

The DC++ client is completely free of advertisements and has a nice, easy to use interface. Firewall and router support is integrated and itÂ’s easy and convenient to use functionality like multi-hub connections, auto connections and resuming of downloads.

Overall DC++ is an excellent application.


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