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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

CDex is a standard, straightforward CD ripping utility, designed to extract data from CD’s with minimal hassle. Performance is exceptional, and the tool could not be easier to use, allowing even the most inexperienced of users to begin ripping content from CD’s to their PC’s hard drive in no time. The only real let down with CDex is the lack of any noteworthy additional features. While the program does come with track listing and multiple file format support, there isn’t really enough substance to here to make this a leader in the genre. Still, bearing in mind that it is a free application, CDex is a solid performer and is well worth the download.

CDex - Info

CDex is an impressive freeware CD ripper. With all the functionality of non-freeware applications, why use anything else?

CDex can rip into MP3 (all bit rates & VBR), WAV, OGG, MP2 and more. CDex also fetches track listing information from CDDB databases and creates full ID3 tags for MP3's.

I was very impressed with this, great free software.


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