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Games » Action | 1 | 26 Feb 2010 | freeware | 3.39 MB | Created by Unknown Creator

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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

I have playedÂ… thousands of games in my life. Almost 50% of them have been awful. 10% are proof that the world is truly an evil place. AttacCar is one of them. Mobile phone games come better recommended then this monstrosity. AttacCar is a cop-racing and shooting game. The graphics are banal. The sound is fingernails on the chalkboard. The gameplay is pacman on a 3D scale.
AttacCar needs to not be played, by anyone. I had to, for your sake. Now I am telling you to stay away. Stay away! AttacCar is the worst game I have yet to play.

AttacCar - Info

In AttacCar you are given a choice of 3 different game maps to play on, and a choice of four different cars with different weapons (machine gun, beam, missile or rocket launcher).

You start off in a random area of the map with your opponent in another random area. Your task is to simply blow your opponent away before he/she blows you away!

This game has impressive 3D graphics and game play for a freeware game. You can play it over LAN, against the computer, or just go for a free ride.


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Operating System(s): 98/ME/2000/XP

Size: 3.39 MB

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